Top 6 Places That Wildlife May Hide in Your Home

In the U.S., some wild animals seek refuge near or inside houses for various reasons. Most homeowners discover them after finding droppings or hearing fine scratches, while others spot them physically. It is advisable to consult Los Angeles animal control to identify where the animals settle and remove them. Animal Capture Wildlife Control helps remove wildlife from houses in a humane manner. Here are six places that wild animals are likely to hide in your home.

  1.  Nooks

Bats are tiny creatures that can fit into any crevice in a house. Most species like hiding in nooks and gaps in the joints or linings of a home. If your ceiling is high or open, it is tricky to locate and remove bats as they mostly settle between rafters. Naturally, they choose dark and isolated places.

  1.  Ventilation Ducts

Small animals, including bats, are common in ventilation ducts. They are tiny crawlspaces that are ideal habitats for bats. It is difficult to control them once they get inside a ventilation duct. First, try to locate their entry point such as small openings. If you find a bat near the opening, it is easy to scare it away.

  1.  Attics

Tiny gaps in your roof can leave sufficient space for wild animals to reside in your attic. Wildlife such as birds, bats, raccoons, rodents and squirrels live in attics. Usually, they make noise when moving around. Some creatures chew your insulation, destroying your wiring system, which leads to a safety hazard. Wear and tear in your old attic can create an ideal spot for wildlife to hide.

  1.  Trash Cans

Garbage cans are a favorite spot for wildlife. They usually hunt for leftovers and scraps. Nevertheless, some waste is dangerous for animals. Store your trash cans in a garage to prevent the animals from toppling or damaging them. Alternatively, you can tightly screw the cans’ lids to keep out animals.

  1.  Crawlspaces

A crawlspace offers comfort and warmth for wildlife. Most crawl spaces are underneath homes, and an animal may leave droppings or damage your floor while hiding in the crawlspace. A Los Angeles animal control expert can remove the animal safely.

  1.  Chimneys

During winter, wildlife tends to hide in vents due to their warmth. Birds, squirrels, and raccoons reproduce in chimneys, hence causing extensive damage. It is prudent to clean your chimney after removing wildlife.

Are you worried about wild animals in your home? Call 301-551-0901 to speak to Los Angeles animal control personnel. We help homeowners get rid of wildlife.

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