To Waterproof or Not? Waterproofing Commercial Decks

There are some decisions we make at the worst of times. Deciding to have your deck waterproofed when the storms hit in is one such example. Having the work done before it is too late is the best way to go. There are numerous benefits to waterproofing commercial decks as we will discuss here. But first let’s look at what waterproofing entails

The Process

Waterproofing is typically done on wooden decks and is carried out depending on the deck’s location as well as its design. There are several methods of waterproofing but all have a common process. The first step involves preparing the deck prior to embarking on the job. Inspect for any warped, creaky, or loose boards which you will need to fix. You will also need to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean. Remove any sealer, mildew, mold, or dirt stains before completely drying the deck.

Upon cleaning up the deck, you will have to leave it to dry for a number of days before applying the water sealer. Make sure you apply the sealer during dry and calm weather. Before applying the sealer, ensure it is thoroughly and evenly stirred then use a long-handle roller or stain pad. Use a paintbrush to seal the corners of the deck. Paint two boards at a time to get an even spread of the sealer.

The next step is to have waterproof membrane applied over decks. These membranes keep the underside of the deck dry as water runs off the deck edges only. This comes in handy especially if you use the underside of your elevated or rooftop deck for storage. For the best results, you will need a professional to install the vinyl or EPDM sheets.

Lastly, rubberized paint needs to be added especially if you have a plywood deck. The paint will provide additional safety from slipping while repelling water. It is advisable to use a topcoat after applying the primer to get desired results. Decking tiles may also be placed on the deck for aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Waterproofing

When your deck is exposed to water, it can result in erosion of wood as well as formation of mold. Constant water damage could cost you dearly in repairs. It becomes critical to add protection by waterproofing commercial decks as repair costs would be higher than those of residential properties. Having your deck waterproofed will:

  • Increase the wood’s durability
  • Provide protection from harsh ultra violet rays
  • Minimize the number of times repairs will be done
  • Increase the aesthetic value of your property
  • Reduce the rate of erosion
  • Protect the wood from mold and mildew
  • Limit the amount of water it is exposed to
  • Preserve the quality of the deck

When all is said and done, nothing can protect your deck as well as a job professionally completed. A DIY project may seem appealing but if you want no-regrets results it’s best you contact a reputable professional in waterproofing commercial decks.

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