Out of all the herbs and plants that nature has given us, cannabis stands out as the most beneficial in curing various deformities and abnormalities of the human body. Zenabis is the organization responsible for delivering the demands of cannabis and cannabis oil. They use the best available marijuana plants to extract the oil so that the costumers are satisfied and happy. They use ASME certified CO2 extraction technology.

  • Consumption of cannabis oil

 In Canada, cannabis consumptions are very high. Just because of its potential benefits. It is consumed in two forms. The first one is in the form of capsules that ensures you are getting required dose of cannabis. While on the other hand, consumption of oil contains THC and CBD. They often lead to the ‘Entourage effect’.

  • Required consumption of cannabis

Consuming cannabis oil for regular period shows long lasting results as compared to other forms of cannabis. The effects begin to show in half an hour and may last up to 6 hours. The cannabis oil provided by Zenabis is decarboxylated and is ready to consume. This can be counted as one of its biggest advantages.

It is always advised by one and all that cannabis should be consumed in a low dose at first. Then, the dosage should be increased gradually until the required result or outcome is achieved as prescribed by your doctor. The experts recommended that cannabis oil should not be consumed or vaporized with the rest of the oils. Otherwise, it can prove to be fatal.

The cannabis oil produced by Zenabis is tested carefully by third party lab before coming to the market for sale. The general public can easily see the results of these tests as they are available publicly.

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