The Legal Remedy for Injuries from a Defective Product

Consumer products must go through the most rigorous testing before they can be sold to the public. Even the simplest items can cause serious harm or even death if they are not thoroughly examined and properly tested. You should trust that the things you purchase for you and your family will not cause harm. From cuddly toys for your young children to high-tech mobile devices for yourself, the products you buy should be completely safe to use.

If a defective product has injured you or a member of your family, you do have legal options.

Product Liability

There is nothing more embarrassing or worrying for a consumer products company than a defect in a line of goods they have designed, developed, and put on the market. A product recall can be devastating. It can mean the waste of millions of dollars in manufacturing and marketing costs and permanent damage to their brand. Most companies are willing to take the hit and do the right thing to protect the larger public from harm. Other companies—even some of the larger and more well-known brand names—will put up a fight and attempt to put the blame for the accident on you.

That is why the first thing you should do after you have been injured is to call a lawyer who specializes in product liability. Lawyers such as the ones found at can help you navigate the complex field of product liability law.

Building Your Case

Filing a product liability lawsuit is about holding manufacturers accountable for the injuries that you have sustained. Your aim is to link your injuries to the negligence of the manufacturer. You have the option of filing an individual claim or joining a class action lawsuit against the company.

It is the practice of companies that are the targets of such lawsuits to offer a small cash reward in the hope that you will take the money and drop your claim. However, if you have suffered severely because of their inattention and greed, then you have every right to prosecute your case.

You should at no point feel intimidated by the size and wealth of the company you are suing. In fact, that may work in your favor. Such companies cannot operate without a fully functioning bureaucracy, which means there is likely to be a trail of documents that can be used to prove that certain decisions were made to increase revenue and profit at the expense of safety.

Your lawyer will call such documents into evidence. They will also bring in medical and technical experts to make the case for why your injuries could have only resulted from the use of the defective product.

In the end, your lawyer will need to prove that the respondent manufactured the product, that the product was defective when they sold it, and that the defect caused your injuries. An experienced product liability lawyer can make such an argument successfully. Indeed, the manufacturer may choose to make a much higher settlement offer than take their chances before a jury.

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