Review of the 1968 Movie How Sweet It is

As old people in our society who used ancient systems in their day to day work marvel at which innovations, especially internet has changed our world, the movie industry plays a very important role of preserving that old history.

Don Trudeau was a crew in the movie “How Sweet It is” that was shot in the pre-digital era. As we know, the ancient people told their children and grandchildren stories to teach them lessons. In our case, we will use various ancient movies like this “How Sweet It is” to teach our current and future generations about pre-smartphone, pre-computer and more so pre-internet times.

Comparing the Role of a Grip Now with Ancient Times

Grips play quite substantial roles in shooting movies. Worth noting is that their roles have really changed over time with the advancement in technology including automatic, computer operating systems, remote controls, and digital equipment, eg, digital cameras for efficiency. You can imagine how it must be interesting for Don Trudeau to see how far the Camera and Electrical Department has come from compared to 1968 when he was a grip in the movie “How Sweet It is”. He must marvel at how efficient, and fast lighting and overhead equipment have become.

About the Movie “How Sweet it is.”

The comedy film “How Sweet It is” is a 1968 release that was written by Garry Marshall and Jerry Belson, it was directed by Jerry Paris and produced by Cherokee productions. The movie is based on the novel titled “The Girl in the Turquoise Bikini” written by Muriel Resnik. The movie has a 99 Minutes running time.

Among the main actors in the movie include James Garner and Debbie Reynolds. The supporting cast includes Terry-Thomas and Paul Lynde.

Synopsis of the Old Comedy Movie “How Sweet It Is”

A couple finds themselves in an extremely challenging situation to what was supposed to be a lifetime adventure. Grif who lives in suburban New York with his wife and their teenage son David gets a photo shooting assignment of photographing American students visiting Paris France. He decides to take along his family.

As common sense would dictate, Jenny is excited and goes ahead to make travel arrangements of where they will stay while in France. Unknown to Jenny she gets rented a house belonging to a rich French lawyer instead of Riviera hotel by a dishonest travel agent.

Unfortunately, Grif’s family never gets to enjoy the trip together as they travel by ship. They are forced to sleep separately, besides that; they sleep on bunk beds in crowded rooms with teenage students. While in Paris Jenny sets off for Riviera hotel alone only to encounter the owner who is a womanizer. Meanwhile, the husband is fighting with all his will a tempting situation with a Chaperone. Luckily, Jenny, her story gets published in the daily newspaper, France and Grif get to know her fate. His rescue mission turns sour as the wife is arrested and bunched with prostitutes but they are later released and while in a hotel Jenny gets to meet her son David. The movie ends on a high note with the family’s reconciliation.

Final Remarks

This movie storyline cannot suffice in our current digital generation. Therefore, it is a great movie to remind current and future generations about the past and make them appreciate the advancement in communication as a result of the internet.

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