Foreign Object Debris Prevention

The safety of an aircraft involves a number of activities and precaution measures taken to prevent potential danger. To keep the aircraft and its personnel safe, control measure should be implemented to keep out any Foreign Object Debris (FOD) of the tarmac section of the airfield. Similarly, efficient sweeping methods should be deployed to sweep the airport’s tarmac and eliminate any foreign debris and ensure safety and lower maintenance costs (FOD 2017). Installing equipment like the tarmac cleaner QLD can offer a solution to FOD incidents.

Why the Tarmac Cleaner QLD?

The operation of this equipment is basic and easy to use. The accessibility of the cleaner is easy as it is folded and stored in a portable bag easy to carry around. The cleaner is then towered to a suitably powerful vehicle which requires one person to operate.

It’s designed with durable and tough brushes under the sweeper and grasps the debris then retains it into mesh container for disposal (Airfield 2016). Thereafter, the person should drive in a methodological pattern collecting all the FOD on the tarmac.

Installing a modern sweeping system can have a series of benefits. Firstly, unlike the heavy vehicle cleaner which requires heavy-duty vehicles, the tarmac cleaner QLD requires a lightweight vehicle able to pull the cleaner along the tarmac. As such it does not put pressure on the tarmac being cleaned and consequently, the aircraft operate at full efficiency.

The installation and operation cost of the cleaner is relatively low. In fact, one needs not to purchase or maintain a heavy vehicle; the cleaner requires no maintenance cost and makes it ideal for lowered operations costs (The FOD Control Corporation 2018). Additionally, the personnel operating the equipment require no specialized skills or training.

The manufacturer of the equipment has taken environmental aspects of the equipment into consideration during operations. Owing to the fact that the equipment is operated by a lightweight vehicle, the carbon footprint emitted to the air is minimal making it a better alternative. Implementing such a system can, therefore, be sustainable and economical at the same time. Additionally, it is used in both dry and wet season thus an ideal cleaner in the rain.


The safety of an aircraft is determined by the precautions taken on the airfield section of an airport. Keeping airport tarmac areas free of debris should be harnessed by installing the appropriate systems. Airfields free of this debris keep the aircraft and its personnel safe. Lowered operation cost further leads to airlines growth and driving economic progress.


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