Choosing the World’s Leading OA Book Publishing Platform

Getting popular as the world’s leading publisher of Open Access books, InTechOpen is introduced to turn publishing into an easier job. This platform specializes in science, technology, and medicine. It is offering you with highly talented academic authors and editors to publish scientific research and offer better global exposure.

It is a platform that also connects researchers and publishers with people across the globe to expand readership, citation count, and overall visibility. There are over 116,000 academic editors and authors collaborating with this platform. This vast community was founded for scientists and by scientists. There are Nobel Prize winning authors and researchers involved in the most cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

Why InTechOpen is the best solution for your publication demands?

This platform applies the Open Access Model to all of its publications. It completely terminates the need of subscriptions and the PPV fees. Thus, the readers get full access to published scientific researches without paying any penny. There is no other digital platform that offers such a unique service.

This platform is completely focused on offering top quality publishing services. It just asks the clients for Open Access Publishing fee if the manuscripts are accepted. In addition, it provides the client with all the exclusive author benefits that they deserve after sharing their research on this platform.

The authors admire the services offered by this platform. Its community of 116,000 global scientists and researchers is a big proof. The authors pay for open access publishing only when their full chapter is reviewed and accepted for publication.

Services for the authors:

As a researcher, you need a quality publishing service to share your work. InTechOpen provides a variety of solutions that make it the leading choice of the authors from all across the globe. Those services are as follows:

  • Online manuscript tracking.
  • Assurance of following all the publishing standards when your manuscript is in line.
  • Personal support throughout the publishing process.
  • Grammatical correction, copyediting, spelling and common error checks, proofreading.
  • Electronic linking and citation through DOI to enhance discoverability.
  • XML Typesetting and pagination.
  • Offering permanent access to your work published online.

Why should you choose InTechOpen?

As you can check, this platform is providing a comprehensive support for publishing scientific research. It also ensures that your published work will be listed and indexed in some of the world’s leading repositories. It assures a long lasting archiving visibility on the world’s leading open access platform.

The clients are allowed to check and assess the live performance metrics. It will help them in knowing impact of their chapter along with the readership. This platform promotes your work to increase the view and offer a better visibility. Not all the digital publishing platforms offer such facilities and that’s why InTechOpen’s OA publishing services are the best.

You will be collaborating with experts who have spent over 10 years in OA book publishing. It has currently over 3,900 published OA books and it offers its support at the most competitive prices in the market. You will get personal support throughout the publishing process and that’s why you can trust this platform for publishing your work.

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