Choosing the Right Kind of Sandblaster Nozzles

Sandblaster nozzles are very important if the sandblaster machine is to work effectively. Without them, then the process of sandblasting would remain fruitless. The construction industry uses a wide variety of nozzles including;
•    Stick-up nozzles
•    Long double venture nozzles
•    Angle nozzles
•    Long and medium venture nozzles

With this many types of sandblaster nozzles, one must choose the right kind so that it may correspond to the sandblasting machine being used. The following things are put into consideration when it comes to choosing the right nozzle;

Size of the air compressor

First, the air compressor size should be prioritised. Air compressors vary in size ranging from small ones to bigger ones. A big air compressor will demand a nozzle of high quality material so that it can withstand the pressure. The two should be well balanced if the process is to be carried out smoothly.


Two factors come into play here. First, if a nozzle with a small bore is installed, then the pressure will be too high and may leave marks and holes on the surface. Secondly, if the bore is large, then the pressure will be greatly reduced and the process will not be productive. To avoid these problems, the size of the bore should be directly proportional to the air compressor. This ensures the pressure is distributed evenly.


The two basic type of nozzles are straight bore and Venturi. Within this two shapes, there is a wide variety of nozzles to choose from. Depending on the kind of job being done, choosing the right kind of shape is very important. Using the wrong shape can be disastrous because it can damage the surface.


The material used to make the sandblaster nozzles is very important. The following are put into consideration when choosing the right material;

  •  Durability-quality material should be able to last for a very long time without getting damaged. Bearing in mind that there is a wide variety of material used ranging from plastics, rubber and polycarbonates, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional. They will help in choosing the right one.
    •    Impact resistance-the best kind of nozzle is one which is resistant to the pressure of the air compressor. To get the best, one should experiment with the various types. At the end, the best stands out.
    •    Price-the price is dependent on the material used in the process of manufacturing. Some materials are expensive while some are relatively cheaper. You will also find that some materials are expensive but cannot last for long. Harder materials are expensive but they will last for a long period.

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