Changing the Name on a Birth Certificate in Maryland

There are different reasons as to why a person may want to correct or change the name on a birth certificate and there are guidelines for every sort of change. Reasons may be: changing to a new name, including a missing name, correcting a wrongly spelled name, or correcting some parental information. You can get in touch with relevant organizations in order to change some details on your Maryland birth certificate.

Changing the Existing Name to a Different One

For children born in Maryland, parents are permitted to change the name of their child within the 1st year freely without having to receive a court order. To do this, both parents listed on the certificate should write a request to the Department of Health and also submit a sworn statement proving they are the real parents of the child. Subsequent name changes require a court order.

Correcting a Wrongly-Spelled Name or a Missing Name

Given that the name has been spelled wrong on the birth certificate, you are not required to get a court order to make a correction.

On the other hand, if the first and last names of the individual are missing on the certificate, they can be added and no court order is needed to do this.

To correct a misspelled name or a missing name, the following documents are required:

  • For kids below 7 years of age, you should submit one or more of these forms to the Vital Statistics Administration:
  1. Notarized letter from the child’s true parent stating the correct name.
  2. Notarized document from the birth hospital stating the correct name.
  3. Notarized form received from the birth attendant stating the correct name.
  4. A notarized medical record from the physician’s office of birth stating the correct name.
  • For an individual aged 7 years or older, you are required to submit one or more of the following:
  1. Baptismal documents or other notarized church records.
  2. Family Bible records
  3. Insurance policy statement.
  4. Medical records
  5. Doctor’s office record confirming the birth
  6. Relevant school records
  7. Employment history
  8. Military service record
  9. Marriage certificate
  10. State census record
  11. Birth certificate of any child of the person requesting a correction in their birth certificate
  12. Social Security Administration information of named subject.
  13. Other relevant documents that corroborate the person’s details.

Changing Parental Information

You do not need a court order to amend parental information on the birth certificate, however, you are required to submit at least 2 of these documents:

  • Birth certificate of the parent
  • Church records of the parent
  • Relevant school records of the parent
  • Any other relevant records that corroborate the information of the parent.

The Department of Health will only make changes if it is convinced that the documents submitted are valid. There are companies that will help you change information on Maryland birth certificate, contact them today.

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