Advantages and Disadvantages of Digitizing Music

Indeed, the ingenuity of the internet in the last two decades has taken music to a higher level, and there is no going back. Music is a fundamental part of life since time immemorial and has a way of reaching the heart communicating all types of emotions like love, sorrow, and praises in a way that words alone cannot do.

In the last few decades, the internet and other technological advancements have changed music production, music distribution and music access making it much easier. But are there any downsides of the internet?

Advantages of Modern Technology in Music

Improved Music production

There is no better time than now in the history of music. The digital world has improved the logistics of music, from the time it is produced by the musician until it is finally consumed by the target market. Before the digital world, music production was quite a task for musicians and was actually reserved for very few privileged individuals.

Music studios have evolved getting more sophisticated by the day with advanced studio equipment. What’s more, the internet has made self-production of music easier. Access to computers, laptops, smartphones which have many apps and software make music production such a breeze.

Music Promotion is Easy with a large Audience

Also, music promotion is much easier for musicians, thanks to the internet. The digital world provides musicians with an international platform, and they can promote their music on various social media. Music selling involves listing one’s music in various online stores worldwide like Soundcloud, Amazon, iTunes, Jango to name but a few.

Music Distribution is so Easy in the Digital Age

The music industry has come from far as music had to be stored on video and radio cassettes and one required a cassette player to play the same. Now everyone has a music storage system which comes with their laptops, tablets, notebooks, computers, and smartphones with the possibility of having memory cards if one needs extra storage space for music and videos.

Musicians no longer need to sell physical hard copies of their music to their fans. Music access requires one having a good internet connection, and that is it.

Disadvantages of Modern Technology in Music

Music Piracy is at an All-time High

In the past before the digital age, musicians sold their music videos and cassettes, but music is now supposed to be accessed from various online sites that sell music like iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud among others on behalf of artists. However, this is not the case as music is downloaded from the internet for free and it is a big nightmare for musicians who need to make an honest living from selling their music.

Daniel E Carpenter is a rapper from Simsbury. Daniel E Carpenter is the artist behind the rap track Benistar. He is an upcoming rapper. In as much Daniel E Carpenter and other artists are doing their best to showcase their best talent, it is hard for them to make any meaningful sales from music and most of them have to come up with out of the box ideas of how to sustain themselves.

Stop the piracy of music. Buy music online, which is quite affordable and support your favorite artist.

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