8 Benefits of an LED Open Sign

Most entrepreneurs use fluorescent, LED and neon signage to illuminate their enterprises. Traditionally, fluorescent and neon signs were favorite globally. However, LED has dramatically gained popularity due to their colorful displays. Most businesses have opted to LED options for many reasons. Here are eight benefits that an LED open sign offers.

  1.  Durability

Most LED lights have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. They have a steady brightness level as they lack inert gases which cause dimness and leakages. Many investors do not like replacing their signs regularly, as it is costly and time-consuming. A typical LED light’s lifespan is longer than that of fluorescent or neon lights.

  1.  Weight

Standard neon lights are thick and bulky. They need additional space for glass tubes to retain the gas. On the other hand, LED signs are thinner as they do not require tubes. For example, an LED open sign usually is 1-inch thick while a neon sign is 5-inch thick. They have relatively low installation and shipping costs.

  1.  Versatility

LED lights have color changes, animation, flashing and fading features while neon produce flashing lights. They offer maximum versatility when you display them.

  1.  High-Quality Brightness

Ordinary fluorescent and neon signs produce consistent brightness for a short period. They need regular replacement. Dim light may cause you to lose many return clients. Nevertheless, LED lights have an efficient technology and long life. They produce a bright light that is legible from far.

  1.  Energy-efficiency

Most sign lights are known to consume a lot of energy. LED lights need little energy to produce bright images. Also, they generate low heat, unlike neon signs. They attract customers without warming your business

  1.  Environment-Friendly

A typical LED open sign uses 10 watts of energy which is 80% less than that of neon signs. Their low energy consumption rate helps in conserving the environment and in reducing your lighting expenses. Besides, LED does not have argon or mercury found in fluorescent and neon lights. They produce little heat compared to other sign lights.

  1.  Low Maintenance

LED lights have few maintenance requirements due to their energy efficiency, brightness, and long lifespan. They don’t have fragile glass tubes which can easily break. You can clean them to remove dirt. LED open signs are appropriate for outdoor use due to their waterproof nature.

  1.  Signage Options

You can combine different LEDs to create an array of animations, color changes, digital flashes, and movement. They comprise several lights that you can program to fade or flash independently. LED signs are appropriate for displaying business logos.

An LED open sign transforms the performance and visual appeal of a business. Most firms use LED lights to welcome clients. They require little energy and maintenance. Jantech Neon Products have over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry. We have set up many lamp plants in China, Mexico, and Thailand. Call us at (888)526-8321 to place an order.

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